Find Out How to File for Unemployment

Few workers relish the idea of losing their employment. Losing a job shouldn’t have to mean struggling to stay alive while searching for a new one, though. That’s why it’s a good idea for workers to file for unemployment as soon as they have found out that they will no longer have work.

Those who have never filed for unemployment are often apprehensive about getting the process underway. They often have many questions and at least a few apprehensions about what the process entails. Those who aren’t sure what to expect can read on to find answers to some frequently asked questions that could point them in the right direction.

Who is Eligible?

In order to be eligible for unemployment, workers must have been laid off from their jobs or have quit with good cause or been fired without good cause. Workers must also have been employed for at least six months prior to filing an unemployment claim. While they are receiving benefits, they must be actively looking for work and capable of accepting jobs if they are offered them.

Where Can a Claim Be Filed?

The easiest way to file for unemployment in Oklahoma is to file online at However, claimants can also call Workforce Oklahoma Centers to file their claims or can head into one of the Centers’ local offices.

How Long Can Workers Collect Unemployment?

Benefits can be collected for a maximum of 26 weeks. Most workers don’t need to stay on unemployment for that long, though. When unemployment rates are exceptionally high, it is sometimes possible to file for an extension, as well.

What Are the Work Search Requirements?

Oklahoma’s work search requirements were put into place to make sure that workers who are collecting benefits are also actively seeking new jobs. They must prove that they have engaged in at least two search activities each week, which can include filling out applications, attending interviews, or consulting union representatives.

What Happens if a Claim is Denied?

When an unemployment claim is denied by the applicant believes that he or she should be eligible to receive benefits, it is possible to file an appeal. Most workers choose to hire attorneys at this point to help them complete paperwork and represent them during their appeal hearings. Doing so can increase the chances of the decision being reversed so it’s usually a good idea.