Health Benefits of a Quality Stand-Alone Water Filter

Although most U.S. municipal water supplies are safe, many still contain contaminants. Homeowners with wells on their properties have an even greater chance of having tainted water. With that in mind, many homeowners are now investing in top-notch standalone water filters. They are advanced versions of the equipment long used by campers and outdoorsmen to purify water supplies. Berkey Water Filter Systems are especially popular and are sold in sizes to accommodate any need. High-quality filters are economical, portable, and remove a range of pollutants.

A Filter Removes Toxins and Chemicals

Many customers who use city water still invest in water filters to ensure additives like fluoride are removed from their water supply. High-performing filtering systems can remove chemicals and heavy metals. The process also eliminates bacteria, parasites, and pesticides. Pharmaceutical drugs are extracted. Quality systems remove pollutants to levels of over 99.9%.

Standalone Filters Are Portable

Companies like Berkey sell a variety of filters, and all of them are portable. They range from hand-held bottles that are ideal for day trips to six-gallon models that are perfect for family drinking water. Regardless, all of them can be moved since they do not rely on electricity and do not have to be attached to any plumbing. Every model uses a gravity filter and can sit in any space by itself. Many customers buy several models for home, camping, and dorm rooms. Gravity filters are ideal for those who are living off the grid and cannot be sure of local water quality levels.

A Quality Filter Is Economical

A high-quality filter includes elements that can be cleaned easily. As a result, systems routinely produce as much as 3000 gallons of delicious, clean drinking water without needing to be replaced. A large unit includes two filters that would produce 6000 gallons of water. Filters are very economical because they can provide enough cooking and drinking water to last an average family for four years.

A high-quality, standalone gravity filtering system can produce thousands of gallons of pure water without needing a filter replacement. The best systems remove pollutants like chemicals, toxins, and bacteria and produce delicious, healthy water.