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Women’s Guide to Safety

Inside or outside the home, women are vulnerable to danger. Thus, women need to take extra measure to ensure that they are safe all the time. You can keep yourself safe by following the tips given below.

You should be aware of things when you are in public. Make sure that you are attuned to what is happening around you so you don’t leave yourself vulnerable. If you are walking to your car late at night, don’t keep on looking at your phone. Your phone will impair your awareness of your surroundings. Not being aware of what’s happening gives you little time to react when there is trouble. If you go home immediately, then you can have time on your phone.

Answer the doorbell if it is rung past dark. This will keep intruders out of your house since most intruders think that homeowners are not home when no one answers the doorbell. When your doorbell is rung past dark, also think of calling the police.

Your instincts can protect you. If a stranger asks for your help and you feel uncomfortable, don’t help. You don’t need to help anyone if you don’t feel comfortable about it. If you are alone with the person make sure to walk toward the closest group of people you can find.

It is important to keep your doors always locked when you are alone at home. It is not only at night that your house can be broken into; there are also those who intrude home during the day.

There should be a plan of your actions throughout the day. Schedule phone calls with a friend or family members. This will let them know that you are safe. When you deviate from your plan then that is when danger is encountered so make sure to stick to your plan.

There are times when faced with a dangerous situation, running is not an option. When you are led to this situation, it is good to know self-defense tactics. If you know self-defense moves you will have a fighting chance even if men are generally stronger than women. Sign up for a self-defense training course so that you can be prepared in times of trouble.

Scream as loud as you can if you are accosted by someone in public. Others’ attention will be drawn by your scream. Screaming makes the bad person flee and others will be alerted of your distress. People can come to your defense.

The use of pepper spray is one way of stopping an individual in his tracks. It can give you time to flee a dangerous situation. So, always bring pepper spray with you.

Assault does not always occur in crowded areas. Do your best to always be in the public eye. Walking alone in the dark streets at night puts you in danger. Make sure to talk in places where there are other people.

Your first instinct when accosted in the streets should not be to fight but to run. Run as fast as you can until you find another group of people.

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