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Ten Important Metals for Our Future

If you look around you wherever you are, you will find different metallic things which emphases the importance of metal to our lives without mentioning its importance to our security. Apart from the security part, our daily dependence on metals has gone up a notch especially with the advancement in technology. If you want to learn more about the ten metals that our future relies on, view here.

Our daily lives depend on copper because of its versatility which can be seen in its ability to generate electricity as well as being found in electronic appliances and being used in construction sites for plumbing. Because the sea and ocean water is salty it speeds up the corrosion of some metals which you can view here, however, since copper is corrosion-resistant it is used in the manufacturing of military naval vessels as well as some of their armor. Like copper, lead is also important to the future of the society in several different ways especially because it is used in manufacturing batteries and soldering things.

Yes gold is also found in pone circuit boards but apart from that, most of its uses are usually as an alloy; a combination with another metal. Spacecrafts usually have a gold layer on the outside which reflects away harmful rays while ensuring the internal temperatures are constant and stable. Zinc is used in manufacturing products that we use daily like soaps but in addition to this, it is the reason you have a car, truck, ship or an airplane because it ensures the metals used to manufacture these things do not corrode.

Aluminum is durable, light and malleable which is the reason it has so many uses probably more than the other metals and you are sure to encounter it daily because you must use either a car, train or airplane when you are traveling, view here to know more. We all know the importance of steel in our lives because of its vast uses, however, we cannot have steel without manganese which makes it one of the metals the society depends on. Platinum acts as a catalyst for chemical reactions like the one that reduces the emission of toxics from the car which you can view here.

Nickel is a metal that maintains its corrosion-resistant property at extreme temperatures and plates other as protection but in addition to that it has other common uses which you can know if you view here. The uses of silver range from medical to industrial and they are so vital that we cannot do without making it one of the most important metals. These metals have proven to be extremely useful in different fields and industries and their absence will complete derailing our advancements.